Monday Mischief

Mom took Torrey and I for a walk yesterday. She wanted to get some pictures of the wild flowers growing around here. There’s a lot of Indian paint brush, that’s her favorite.  She found one that was growing under a small bush, so thinking the shade would be nice light for a photo, she tried to get some shots.
Well, I was hot, and I wanted the shade. 
Don’t worry, mom did manage to get plenty of other pictures.
And don’t forget, it’s the Monday Mischief blog hop today. Come join in the fun.
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Monday Mischief — 10 Comments

  1. FYI: I was told that Indian Paintbrush has to grow in a host plant; can’t remember the name of it right this moment but I’ve seen many beautiful ones on horse back rides up many canyons and trails. The swallows are back today and the peepers are still peeping. My pup has been herding the goat and what a sight it is. Mary

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