Just some fun today

First I need to announce that the results of the completely random drawing for the Pogo Plush toy is, Kim. Congrats to Kim and thanks for everyone who entered. I wish I could buy a Pogo Plush for everyone who entered. If you want to purchase your own Pogo Plush toy, they can be found on Premier Pet products website, they really are a tough and fun toy.
We had a very nice weekend. Thankfully it didn’t rain. Torrey and I helped work in the backyard on Sunday, cleaning leaves and finishing the fence. We have twice the backyard to run in now. That’s going to be so nice.
We have a funny video of Torrey to share.

One morning she just started playing with the door stop and liked the weird noise it made. Funny video, she’s such a goofy puppy. At least she can amuse herself sometimes, and I don’t have to.


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