Idita-Walk challenge update

Our Idita-Walk challenge update

We have been taking part in the Idita-Walk challenge. We are now at the half way point, the challenge ends March 31st. We are suppose to walk a total of 1049 minutes in the 2 months of the challenge. We are currently at 790, which is pretty good, a little more than half way. Yesterday we went on a nice walk along one of the river trails that is kinda nearby. The sun was out, and it’s getting warmer .
Idita-walk challenge,dogs.walking 
It’s much easier to get out and enjoy a walk when the weather is cooperating. We are personally very glad spring is just around the corner.
We also saw evidence of some other kind of critter along the river.
idita-walk challenge,dogs,walking
 Mom said it was probably OK we didn’t run into one of these.
idita-walk challenge,dogs,walking
 As long as the weather stays awesome, we plan on reaching our goal for the Idita-walk. Are you enjoying spring yet. do you have some walking goals?


Idita-Walk challenge update — 32 Comments

  1. I plan on walking my two dogs just as soon as I can. With the surgery I had I have gotten out of shape. I can resume all activity “slowly” after the middle of April. Yahoo for me and the dogs who enjoy walking a couple miles each day. W will start out slow. Or I can take them to the back acres and let them run ahead while I catch up. They always come back to check on me. I am grateful I’m on the mend and can connect with Nature again soon. Good luck on your walking

  2. Even right downtown, we’re also spotting some critters on our walks. Two days ago a skunk crossed the street in front of us (it was amazing how much his tail looked like Honey’s) and lately we’ve been seeing large white tail deer in our neighbor’s back yard.

    No beavers yet. So, if you spot some, I hope you’ll share the pictures.

  3. Our walks unfortunately have been cut a little short due to all the snow we have right now. But, it’s starting to warm up and Boomer and Dottie are more than ready to go get in some good sniffs. And, it seems like you have the same kind of critter that we do around here, we’ve got quite a few trees looking just like that!

    Way to go on your walking, half way there is great!
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  4. Wow Roxy!! That is SOME creature that bit into that tree!!! We are going on an adventure too!! We LOVE traveling in the RV and will be off on yet another adventure before we know it and we just cannot wait!! You all have some awesome pictures of places you have hiked!! Enjoy your travels and tell your mom that our mama loves that beadwork and one day would love to purchase a couple for us! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug
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  5. We were doing really well with walking and then it got snowy and icy and Dad decided it was too dangerous on the hilly areas to walk. We can’t wait for it to be warm enough to get out again.
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