Big Giveaway from Kyjen

A nice big giveaway starts today from Kyjen

First, we need to congratulate Hannah for winning the 11 x 14 print from Printcopia. Woo-hoo!
We have a great big giveaway just in time for the holiday season. We are teaming up with our ever so awesome sponsor, Kyjen, and giving away three toys. That could be one for you, and two to giveaway. Or, two for you and one to giveaway. Perhaps you can keep all three.
We reviewed one of the toys back in October. The invincible gecko squeak toy. 
Favorite gecko from Kyjen
Torrey has had a blast with this toy. It squeaks no matter if she pokes a hole in it, and for being a plush toy, it’s tough!
The other two toys in the giveaway are some new ones we recently received from Kyjen. The first one is called the Cagey Cube. Mom choose this one because it is like a puzzle for dogs, and keeps Torrey occupied. She has to figure out how the tennis ball comes out of the rubber cage. This has been quite amusing to watch. 
Big giveaway by Kyjen  Big giveaway from Kyjen
Big giveaway from Kyjen  Big giveaway from Kyjen
She will roll this across the floor, chew on the corners, stick her nose inside it. She’s liking it for sure. 
The third toy is called the Squeaky Squiggler Squirrel. Say that 3 times fast. Just like anybody with a new toy, this one has surpassed the others for the moment, and is the one Torrey picks out when it’s her evening play time. It has a squeaker in the body, and on the ends of all four legs. Mom just knew Torrey would love this one because of the way it flops around when shaken. Torrey LOVES to shake her toys. I have to stay out of the way of this one because the legs are so long and go everywhere. 
Big giveaway from Kyjen   Big giveaway from Kyjen
Big giveaway from Kyjen   Big giveaway from kyjen
  Big giveaway from kyjen 
Come on Torrey, I want to play with something. 
So the giveaway is for all three toys to one lucky winner. And because this is such an awesome giveaway, it will run until midnight of Dec. 9th. That way everyone has the chance to enter, and the winner will receive their prize before the end of the month.
Be sure and check out all the great toys thatKyjen has to offer. Everything from plush, to tough, puzzles, and even huge toys. So many different fun toys in one great place. 
Follow the instructions on the rafflecopter, you guys should all be pros at this now, and then hope you are the chosen winner.  Sorry, US residents only.  Good luck. 
And be sure to check out more giveaways at All things dog blog.

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Big Giveaway from Kyjen — 46 Comments

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  2. Oh that cagey cube is great! My dog is lazy and gets bored with toys, but She LOVES tennis balls. What an awesome idea! Totally going in her stocking this Christmas!

  3. Wow, I’d love to win this giveaway. I usually donate any winnings to local rescue groups, but Shiloh would *LOVE* to try the cagey cube himself. I can’t find one around here. I know he loves the other two toys because he already has them. The snake really is invincible, but he has destroyed a few of the squigglers. To be fair though, I bought them at a “factory seconds” type store, so that may be why he was able to destroy them. And once I got rid of the (minimal) stuffing, he still loves to play with the ‘carcasses’!

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