Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – The Colorado River

Wordless Wednesday-colorado river

These pictures from a week or so ago when we stayed by the Colorado River. The water was so blue and pretty.

Wordless Wednesday-colorado river

Wordless Wednesday-colorado river

Wordless Wednesday-colorado river

Let’s go swim Roxy.

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  1. I remember water skiing and fishing with my whole entire family for many years growing up in California. WE would head to the Colorado River at Black Meadow Landing. My cousins and I saw many side winders, scorpions and it was so hot you could fry an egg on the ground. That was many moons ago.

  2. Wow, look how clear that water is. Beautiful! I don’t suppose it was warm enough to swim in, was it? Do you two like to swim?

  3. This looks like you had such a ball Roxie, I have never seen your pal yet before they are so gorgeous! The water loooks so lovely I just want to dive right into it!