Thanks for the awards!!

Since we have been busy and haven’t had great service for the computer, I am going to take today to tell you about the two awards I received. The first award came from Jet,  a little over a week ago. Jet writes a fairly new blog, but he has it figured out, and writes some great entertaining posts. If you have never been to Jet’s blog, you need to go check it out.
Anyway, Jet awarded me, well mom too I guess since she types, the Sunshine award. 
Thanks Jet for thinking we are full of sunshine, we are honored.
As part of the Sunshine award, we have to answer 7 questions about us, well me and mom I guess.
1. Favorite number- Me, 4- Mom, 6
2. Favorite drink- Water all around
3. Facebook or twitter- We both like facebook, well twitter too.
4. My Passion-Me, napping- Mom, anything outdoors
5. Favorite pattern- Me, HUH??- Mom, Anything in nature
6. Favorite day of the week- Saturday for both of us
7. Favorite flower- Me, any really- Mom, Indian paint brush 
Then this week we received the Lovely blogger award from It’s a weinerful life.  
This gang of doggies is little and cute like me, only there are 3 of them. Their blog is cute, funny, and an over all good time to read. You should check it out too. 
I am passing on these awards to everyone out there who blogs. You are all lovely, and full of sunshine in my eyes. 


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