So many interesting things

So many interesting things here in the desert – Thursday thoughts with Torrey

The more wandering we do here in the desert, the more unusual things we see. Look at this nest snuggled into a cholla cactus. Someone has to be super careful going home to this place. The nest was really long too, so whatever critter this is for, was really protected. 
So many interesting things
 This is an ironwood tree. They grow pretty good sized and provide shade and shelter for so many desert animals. But the wood is just awesome and gnarly looking.
So many interesting things
 Mom found these rocks on our walk the other day. The crystals are so pretty. This one was hollow inside and looks kind of like a mouth full of teeth.
So many interesting thingsSo many interesting things
 Now this is very interesting. These tracks on the ground are from tanks. During WW 2 General Patton brought troops here to practice in their tanks. These tracks are still here after 70 years!! Amazing. 
So many interesting things
So many interesting things
 It’s quite common to find 50 caliber bullets and shells from back then too. Just down the road from us there is a place where rocks are placed to spell out Quartzsite with an arrow pointing to town. The airplanes used this as a marker to find their way. 
We put up a hummingbird feeder. We don’t know if there are multiple birds coming one at a time, or one bird eating way too much. It’s hard to get a good photo of them though. They are fast little hummers. 
So many interesting things
 Have an awesome Thursday everyone!!


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  1. Mom says to watch out for cacti. She was in Tucson her first year of college and tripped, landed behind first on a Saguaro cactus and got two thorns in her behind. They are really nasty and she couldn’t sit for a couple days – LOL! Pretty cool with the tank tracks and ammunition. A bit like Germany where they are always finding bombs from WW2.

  2. That’s pretty cool stuff. Hard to imagine those tracks still being there after that long a time. And the nest is interesting. I wonder what’s living in there…and maybe it’s better that we don’t know what’s living in there.. BOL

    Hap-Pee Turdsday!

  3. I draw, and have always been fascinated with tree bark. The bark on the Ironwood tree above is amazing, would look sooo cool in pen and ink. I think the other tree that fascinates me is the Banyan Tree in South Florida

  4. wow wish we were there. we are both rock hounds big time and those gnarly pics are so cool.

  5. Wow Torrey, you have some amazing photos and stories today (not surprising to me!) We had a hummingbird feeder ourselves but lost it during a storm and have never replaced it. Maybe this spring…you are right though, they are super fast. We are just excited to see them and haven’t even attempted pictures. Your mom did a good job trying to capture the beauty of the elusive hummingbird.

  6. Tank tracks from WWII – that’s super cool! What a neat historical site you get to just explore.
    I think humming birds are so cool – they’re pretty rare around here. Pretty awesome that you put up a feeder and get guests right away!

  7. Torrey, that gnarly tree is so cool! And oh, I am so surprised that you caught a hummingbird on camera…they are lightning fast! Great photos.
    Happy Friday,

  8. Wow, that nest really is well protected. I never thought about animals using cacti to defend their nests.

    And, tank tracks from WWII? That’s incredible.

  9. You see such cool things when you walk! We always wonder the same thing about our hummingbirds. That might be one thing we have in common across the country…yours look like ruby throated also.