Shop dog report

It’s been so long since I actually did a Shop dog report, I figured it was time. Even though we are out having a good time, Mom and Dad have got some work done.
Mom finished a couple of new Stone Spirits that are pretty nice.
We will be at the Zion flute festival in a couple of weeks, and she will have them there to sell.
Dad started a new sculpture of a mountain man that is going to be another great piece. It’s modeled after our rendezvous friend, Hombre.
This is Hombre who is the inspiration and model for this piece.
Well, it’s another rendezvous weekend, I hope you’re having fun like we are.


Shop dog report — 4 Comments

  1. What great pieces! The stone spirits are very nice and I’m sure will sell very well. That sculpture is so life like! It will be amazing when it’s done!

  2. That is an amazing sculpture!, your Dad is quite talented!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!