Roxy’s Boutique

Roxy's Boutique - One of a kind accessories for dogs, and the people who love them
Are you looking for a great, unique, one of a kind accessory for yourself or your favorite dog friend? Roxy’s Boutique has what your looking for. All these items are hand crafted by Mary, the dog mom to Roxy and Torrey. Special orders are welcome on most items.
The Roxy Doggie necklace

Roxy dog model, roxy doggie necklace,beadwork       Roxys Doggie necklace

I try to be stylin’ all the time, and beadwork is one of my favorites. My mom makes these great beaded dog necklaces. Roxy’s Doggie Necklace. I get so many compliments on mine when I am out. They can be ordered any length. The Roxy Doggie Necklace is not adjustable, and not made to be used with a leash.

 A great fun idea is to have a necklace made for you, and a bracelet made for your person that match.
This is just a few of the colors and patterns you can order. All necklaces are 5/8″ wide, unless ordered larger, and any length you need. Cost is $2.75 per inch. Matching people bracelets are 7″ and $20.00, unless you request differently. There are a wide variety of colors available, simply tell me what you are interested  in.
For more styles and ordering info, go to Roxy Doggie necklace
Roxy doggie necklace Roxy doggie necklace
#1 – The popular four winds symbol #2 – The zig zag pattern is great in any color combo
Roxy doggie necklace Roxy doggie necklace
#3 – Stars are always nice #4 – Stones or different beads give a great look
Roxy doggie necklace Roxy doggie necklace
#7 – Cool Native American designs #8 – These are popular too
Beaded leather dog jacket
beaded leather dog jacket,beadwork  beaded leather dog jacket,beadwork  beaded leather dog jacket,beadwork
Are you looking for the perfect one of a kind jacket for your dog? Order a custom made, hand crafted, beaded leather jacket for your special and stylish pooch today. Can be made any size, and with any beadwork pattern and colors you would like. Here I am modeling a custom piece mom made for a great doggie friend of ours.
For more styles and ordering info go to Beaded leather dog jacket
How about some great stuff for the people in your life? 
A nice assortment of  jewelry can be found on Desert Raven Art. From beaded leather cuffs, to one of a kind necklaces.
These beaded leather cuffs are one of a kind.
To see these, and more beadwork pieces, visit Desert Raven Art.
Roxy's boutique  Roxy's boutique, beadwork bracelet
 Hand carved boar tusk ivory. Antique trade beads. Unique and one of a kind jewelry.
Roxy's boutique, boar tusk ivory jewelry    Roxy's boutique, boar tusk ivory jewelry  Roxy's boutique, trade bead necklace


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