Roxy in the sun

Roxy in the sun

The weather had been really nice and warm, until Friday, then it cooled down again. So we have been able to go an great walks every day, lay in the sun, and watch all the human people work on projects. Mom and Shannon have really taken advantage of the warm weather and have been sitting outside beading, and making jewelry stuff. You should check out the pretty things mom has finished lately. 
The most mischief Torrey and I have got into, is running back and forth from our RV, to Auntie Shannons. It’s a good thing her and Mike really like us, and are OK with us being in their house. But mostly, I have been relaxing in the sun.

Roxy laying in the sun

Roxy in the sun

“What….can’t I just relax over here?”

Roxy in the sun
 Torrey likes a little more excitement, so she will just go hang around outside. Mom never has to worry about her going anywhere, she loves us all too much to go far. When she gets done laying in the dirt, she will come in and nap on the floor. 
Napping dog
No mischief today
 Ya, it’s been kinda boring around here this week, but that’s OK…….sometimes.
Today is the Monday Mischief blog hop, so come join the hop, and have fun.


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