Roxy Doggie Necklace

We were busy over the weekend working on some new ideas for necklaces. Wow, came up with some fun new stuff.
All the information for ordering is on my new page, Roxy Doggie Necklace-order info. I will be posting pictures of new necklaces as we get them made and ready to purchase.  All necklaces can be ordered along with a bracelet for your person. Bracelets are $21.00 for a standard 7″ size.
This new necklace is 12″ and has a real turquoise bead in the center. Price is $36.00.
[nggallery id=11]This necklace is 11″ and has several coral beads in the center. Price is $33.00.
[nggallery id=10]
Ordering information, colors, patterns and prices are on the Roxy Doggie Necklace page. It’s so easy to special order your unique, one of a kind necklace and bracelet.

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