Roxy Doggie Necklace, winner and a surprise

Roxy Doggie necklace giveaway, we have a surprise.

First we need to thank everyone who entered the giveaway, and everyone who complimented the Roxy Doggie necklace. We love our friends, and because we have had such great response…..we are going to give away two necklaces, instead of one. But wait……….there’s more…….if you didn’t win the giveaway, and you just simply have to own a Roxy Doggie necklace of your own, we are going to offer 20% off every order that is placed from now until February 2nd. Free shipping within the US, and $10.00 to any where else in the world. There are a few necklaces on the Roxy Doggie Necklace page that are available right now, or you can custom order exactly the size, color, and pattern you want.
Roxy Doggie Necklace
There are some examples, and a list of colors on the page. Even Valentine colors.
 Because the rafflecopter ended at midnight, and mom wasn’t awake, we will post the winners names as soon as we can this morning. 
And the winners are….Barbara at adoptedmomtochazzthedog, and Dakota at Dakota’s dog blog


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