Red solo cup

Red  solo cup, and Roxy

Mom made some smoothies the other day, and I was all about helping clean the red solo cup. Of course I had to get everything out of the cup, even the bottom. Well, the bottom was were all the good stuff is. Mom uses yogurt, fresh fruit, coconut oil, and spinach in her smoothies. YUM!! The good thing was, these red solo cups are big enough for me to get my whole head in. 
Red solo cup
Red solo cup
 Mom thought I was full of mischief, but she gave me the cup, and I was helping out too. That cup didn’t need to be thrown away, it was clean enough to use again.
Red solo cup
Torrey cleaned up a red solo cup too, but she ended up getting smoothie on her forehead. Then she needed to be cleaned, BOL. 
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Look at this awesome sunrise mom took pictures of. There are more pictures on Desert Raven Art, check them out.
Desert sunrise 
Today is the Monday Mischief blog hop, have you been mischievous, or not?


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  1. Hi Roxy! I made smoothies for Mia today. Raspberries, yogurt, bananas, almond milk, flax seed (ground) which she is drinking with her waffles right now. WE had a huge snow storm last night with wind. Its 36 degrees this morning. I hear the snow plow now. At least the fresh snow covered up the doggie land mines again. A big hello to Torrey, We miss all of you!

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