Our date for the Valentine ball

Our date for the Valentine ball, is a total surprise I’m sure

Torrey and I have a date for the Valentine ball, together, with one other critter. Apparently there are more girls attending the ball than boys, so Torrey and I are sharing a date. It’s really OK, we share everything else anyway. And this is one cool cat, literally. Yep….we are going with a cat. Cody from Cat chat with Cody to be exact.
Valentine ball date
Isn’t he a fine looking man….well for a cat. Hee-Hee.
Mom has been working on our ball gowns, and we are going to look so beautiful. What about you, who are you going with?  


Our date for the Valentine ball — 13 Comments

  1. Cody is so lucky! One of you could have gone with me or Teddy:( Ash has a date but us guys weren’t so lucky! You will have so much fun! We are jealous of Cody!

  2. Roxy, you and Torrey will have a great time with Cody…I bet Mom gets you both all dolled up…Can’t wait to see how pretty you look…I’m taking the lovely Misaki, but I bet she wouldn’t mind if I save a dance for you…Put me on your dance card please :)

  3. I broke the mold and asked my BFF to go with me. He doesn’t have a blog, but that’s OK. We have our finery and are ready for dance-fever!!