Natures antler dog bone chew, giveaway

As promised earlier in the week, we are having a giveaway of some great natural dog chews. Torrey and I love, love the antler chews. Mom loves them for Torrey, because they last!!! When we met Jeff and Jen Musgrave of Peak Antlers, mom mentioned how much we like the antler chews. They offered to send some for us to try. When we got back from our trip, there was a couple in the mail box. We had just got a big antler for us to chew on at the Ft. Bridger rendezvous, so mom decided to have these as a giveaway. We want everyone to be able to try these great all natural chews, and Peak Antler has some very nice products.

Antlers for a giveaway

Torrey enjoying an antler chew

Here is some great information they sent us about their products.
Antler dog bones are set apart from traditional bones as they will not stain your carpet, splinter or turn into slimy goo AND they last much longer than other dog chews. They are naturally shed deer or elk antler pieces, NO fillers, preservatives, added color or anything else! It’s just a bone the way nature intended! No animals are hurt in the collection of this bone! We offer 2 lines in four sizes to provide a good gnawing selection. Our dog bones are naturally shed antlers, gathered in the forest or on ranch lands at various times of the year, they are all weathered at different stages. The economy line is slightly more weathered which leads to discoloration and more hairline cracking. Some antlers never make it to market as we will not package antlers that are rotted, have cracks penetrating the center of the bone, or we believe would be a hazard to any pet. Older dogs, mild chewers, or dogs who only get them for short periods of time do not need to be concerned as much for the weathered effects of our economy line. In fact I highly recommend economy for these dogs as they can get the mineral benefit much easier. We recommend our premium line for very aggressive chewers as they are more dense which helps them last longer and have less chances of cracking.

Aussie and Gunny

The Peak Antler Company’s all natural antler dog bone products were started by the family dog Aussie, an Australian Shepard/Dingo mix rescued from a local shelter.   Our main work involves Antler Chandeliers, Antler Lamps and Antler Furniture.  Aussie would sneak into the shop and steal antler pieces.  She would run off into the yard and chew on them for days.  She wouldn’t give them back even when I caught her stealing “red-pawed”.  We came home one day to find she had discovered the antlers in the coffee table as well, which was not so cute or innocent.  It became obvious she loved antler more than any other bone or puppy chew.  I cut up a few antler pieces for her in hopes of preventing more theft and save our furniture.  It worked!  Everyone was happy and the furniture was saved!  Soon after, a friend had an adorably large Black Labrador Retriever puppy who also discovered antler accent furniture in their home.  We shared an antler with Kona which saved not only the furniture but the sweet puppy from any further “time outs”. They began asking for more antler pieces for their friends dogs and the news spread fast.  It grew organically into a business by demand, just the way nature intended.
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So there you have it. Great story for a great product. The giveaway is for the two antlers pictured above. They are a little smaller. But there are some very nice antlers of all sizes on their website. Be sure and check that out.
To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post, and I will randomly  draw a winner next Weds. Oct.19                                                                                                                                                                                       Be sure to visit for more giveaways.


Natures antler dog bone chew, giveaway — 22 Comments

  1. We would love to win the antlers. Chester and Gretel mow through any chewies we give them in about 5 seconds….even the ones that aren’t supposed to be eaten! Ha, ha.

  2. Hey Roxy,

    You’re very generous! I’ve never even heard of Antler bones – woohoo!! I’ve got my paws crossed for the competition :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. I have two small dogs who are big chewers so this would be perfect for them. They haven’t tried antler chews before and we are interested in trying them : ) Thanks for the chance!

  4. I have ten rescued dogs right now. Two of them are about a year old and LOVE to chew. They were both saved from the Miami-Dade Kill Shelter. Annie Mae even came with an antler to chew on during her transport from Miami to Louisiana. I know that all of my dogs would love antlers to chew on. Thank you so much!

  5. Please enter Kouga and Milele in your giveaway, they are crossing their paws hoping to win. Thank you.

  6. Izzy loves your antler chews. Having something that is not messy for Izzy to chew on sure eases my mind when I”m at work all day. It keeps her busy for hours on end.

    Love the product!

  7. Oh, I have two pups who would LOVE these, I bet! Their aunt and uncle got them hooves for Christmas last year, which they adored, but which are so, so stinky! I understand the antlers are not smelly – I would love to try them out!

  8. I have always given our Aussie Dog a huge smoked cow bone. Its a good use for a discarded part of the cow. It’s
    a greasie mess but she is an outside dog. She likes to bury it and then dig it up to take to her cave under the deck.

  9. I’d love to try these for my “little” chewers – my 3 Chihuahuas! Thanks for your giveaways!

  10. I’ve seen these at pet stores and I’ve wondered how durable they are. Two of my dogs have super chew powers! I’m entering in the giveaway, thanks for the chance to win :)

  11. I know my Rory would love these. he is kind of fussy but we tried antlers once before and he loved them! And chewing is such a big part of keeping his teeth healthy so I would love to win these for my guy.


    and Rory too

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