Mountain man rendezvous

One of our favorite things, is to go to Mountain Man Rendezvous.

We go to as many mountain man rendezvous’ as we can in a year. We love to shoot archery, black powder pistol and rifle. Al throws a mean knife and hawk too. We have made all our clothes and accessories, doing all the beadwork. We sell our work on Ebay and also on Desert Raven Art. If you see something you like, just email me and we will get it right out to you. We also take custom orders. Knife sheaths, possible bags, shooting bags. Anything. Contact us about what you have in mind.  
 Leather bag with red wool cross (1 of 1) mountain man rendezvous mountain man rendezvous                                           mountain man rendezvous, beadwork Strike a light bag Mountain man rendezvous
Our first rendezvous of the year is in April. Then we go as much as we can throughout the summer and early fall.These are some pictures of our favorite people and places.
Mountain man rendezvous mountain man rendezvous
Primitive archery, mountain man rendezvous Primitive archery,mountain man  rendezvous mountain man rendezvous,black powder shootingmountain man rendevous pacific primitive mountain man rendezvousmountain man rendzvous mountain ma rendezvous,black powder shootingmountain man rendezvous,black powder shooting mountain man rendezvousmountain man rendezvous,knife and hawk throw PPR (1 of 1)-11
We even got married mountain man style.
mountain man wedding,rendezvous,white buckskin wedding dress white buckskin wedding dress,mountain man Mountain man wedding


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