Monday Mischief Torrey’s turn

Monday Mischief. Torrey’s turn to talk today

WOW…Finally I get at shot at the keyboard, and my own turn writing on the blog. I love Roxy, but she hogs all the glory, and the blog, every single day. Sure, she mentions me a lot, and I get plenty of face time. But I have things I want to say too!! 
Monday Mischief torrey's turn
 For instance, notice the snow flakes on my head? I LOVE the snow!!! Every one is all sad because we came back here where the snow is.
Me…I love it!!
monday mischief torrey's turn
 My very favorite thing is playing in the snow with my frisbee. I can run and play for hours. Except mom never throws it for hours {{sigh}}. 
monday mischief torrey's turn
monday mischief, torrey's turn
monday mischief torrey's turn
 Check out these great action shots. I will take my frisbee, mom only buys the soft rubbery ones, and shake and shake it. I actually love to play frisbee anywhere, any time, but snow is my favorite! Silly little Roxy, she just stands there in the snow and shivers, and maybe barks. Sheesh…(wimp)
monday mischief  torrey's turn
This is how much I love the snow. When given a choice of where to stand, look where I am. BOL!!
monday mischief torrey's turn
 C’mon mom…lets play some more.  I know you hate the snow, but Pleeeease!!
That’s about all the mischief I get into. But it sure has been fun writing the blog today! In fact, I’m thinking I should have a turn more often. Maybe change the banner to say, Roxy the traveling dog, and Torrey too. That has a nice ring to it, don’t you think??
Don’t miss out on the blog hop today. It’s all about the fun!!


Monday Mischief Torrey’s turn — 51 Comments

  1. Torrey we LOVE seeing you on the blog and the snow looks lovely in your magnificent fur!! YES YES YES your Mom needs to add your name to the banner! Absolutely!!!

  2. Nice that you got to use the blog for a day…sharing is a good thing. We love snow and you also look good in it. Hope you get plenty of snowy playtime!

  3. We love the snow too but we haven’t gotten much this winter :( We are suppose to get some today so we are keeping paws crossed that it is enough to play in! By the way, we like the idea in the above comment…Tuesday with Torrey! That has a great ring to it!!!!!

  4. Torrey,
    Great post and I totally agree with you snow is pawsome! maybe Roxy needs to play with you with the frisbee then he’ll be much warmer in the snow!

  5. Its been a pleasure watching you grow from pup to the snow/show dog you are today. Your luxurious fur coat is a coveted coat for any dog around. Watch out for Corilla Deville! There’s nothing better than your little side kick Roxy who is a big fan and watches your every move. I know you would protect her always.

  6. Hey Torrey! My Gracie loves the snow too but we don’t get that much for her enjoyment.
    I think it’s great you get a chance to post here, maybe the blog should be called TORREY the Traveling Dog and Roxy Too!

  7. Torrey, you are the most incredibly beautiful dog and it’s wonderful to see you playing in the snow with your frisbee. Now, if you could just get the humans to have as much stamina, you’d be one happy chappy

  8. Love the action shots! Playing in snow is a super-great joy. Both Maya & Pierson love it. The way they bound in it cracks me up. And I think it is hilarious when I throw a snowball and Pierson tries to find it among all the snow on the ground. Sounds mean, but he really enjoys the game. We had a foot of snow last week and are expecting another foot this week… fun, Fun, FUN!

  9. Nicely done, Torrey! So much fun in the snow – and your beautiful fur coat keeps you warm!

  10. Hope you get your name on the banner Torrey, think you deserve it.
    I’d love to play with you in the snow, we’d have great fun

  11. Shhhh! Torrey, don’t tell Roxy, but I think you’re the prettier dog. ;) And I’m so jealous of your snow! I know my dogs are, too!

  12. Torrey, you are a beautiful dog! I’m sure that spending a day playing in the snow with you would be so much fun!!

    We have a dog that lives in one of the houses behind us. Not sure what type of dog he is but he is tall and just loves to do laps around their backyard, especially in the winter. I just refer to him as HAPPY Dog.

  13. Hello Torrey,

    This is my first time visiting your mom Roxy’s blog and I’ll definitely be back for more. You look so happy playing in the snow. We don’t get much of that in Texas but I know my furbabies would love it as much as you do. You’re a beauty Torrey :)

  14. Snow is what makes the cold worthwhile.

    Thanks for showing your appreciation for it, Torrey. It reminds me to appreciate the awesome dog toy right outside my door.

  15. Hey Torrey,

    Great to hear you – I think the new title would be pawsome buddy – Roxy will get over it – and you are the biggest, so you should at least get a little of the limelight!!

    Have fun in the snow,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  16. It was nice to read something from you Torrey! I would say to steal the blog spotlight more often, but then I would be very mad is Zoe took over my blog….just sayin’! Either way, I enjoy both of you and I look forward to reading more from you! (Just don’t tell Zoe I said that!) Enjoy the snow!