Monday Mischief-Prevention

Hey there doggie peeps, it’s the moms turn to write today. I am going to share a great little mischief preventer I came across the other day. I was perusing pinterest, and saw a car seat protector. Since we got Torrey, we’ve had to put a blanket on the back seat of the truck to protect it. The most recent one we tried is fleece. Soft, but not the best idea. Torrey gets hot so easy, and she sheds. The fleece is a little harder to clean, lots of hair in my washer. Roxy mostly rides on the console in front. She will sometimes jump in the back, or we will put her there. Torrey thinks she can be on the center console if Roxy isn’t, she really really doesn’t fit. Her favorite thing is to get between the seats, and tap me on the shoulder, or put her head on my shoulder.  
Anyway, I found a do it yourself seat cover that is kind of like a hammock. It attaches to the headrests in the back seat, then the front seat.
I’m not sure how she’s going to like the “wall” that stops her getting in the front. If it’s a big problem I can just unhook it from the headrests in the front.
Hey, now what?
Since we are going to be traveling all the time very soon, this is going to be nice. It’s made with canvas, so it will  clean easier, and I’m sure it will be cooler for her.  It was easy to make, believe me, I don’t sew, at all. And if we have to stop suddenly, she won’t end up on the floor. The website that had the directions is here, I made ours much simpler though. Just the canvas, buckles, and webbed strap. I’m happy with the way it turned out. 
And now, it’s the Monday Mischief blog hop. It’s all about the fun!!
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Monday Mischief-Prevention — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve seen a similar hammock but it was more swingy I think. Georgia would take it down in 2 seconds. She’s chewed through even hard plastic barriers. You’re going to be on the road ALL the time soon?!

  2. Hey Torrey, Hey Roxy, Jet here. Kudos to your Mom for her craftiness. We have a seat cover too with little bungee thingies that go around the headrests. Then our harnesses attach to this seat belt stuff and away we go!

  3. Uh oh – sounds like Torrey has been out-smarted!! Doh!!

    So can’t wait to hear about all your travel adventures – well, I know you travel a lot anyway, but to be on the road all the time sounds so exciting – I know my Mum would sure love that!! :)

    Have a fun day

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Glad you found a solution, especially since you’ll be on the road soon! Looks like a pretty cozy back seat to me! :)