Monday Mischief

I have been mischievous, I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. It all started when Torrey received a great big rawhide chew toy. We won a contest that Dakota had on his blog a little while ago. The prize was a gift certificate for Petag and mom ordered some rawhide chews for us.
Now I have a little mouth and little teeth inside of it, so I have always liked it when Torrey chews on something just enough to get it soft for me. And that’s the case with this new rawhide.
Never mind the fact the it’s as big as me, I want it!!!
I even get a little testy about it, and Torrey and  I have gotten into some growling contests.
Doesn’t she understand I am the queen, and should always have my way?
But the second she walks away, I swoop in and steal it. 
Can you blame me?
Today is the day everyone gets to show off their mischievous side, or just share what’s new.
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Monday Mischief — 9 Comments

  1. Haha Roxy,

    I love that last picture of you buddy – it’s like ‘So what if it’s Torrey, just try and take it!!’ Tee Hee

    You’re a great Mischief Maker Dude,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. Hey Roxy, Jet here. You know, my bff, Dixie the Mini-Doxie, tries to do the same thing with the same rawhide ! hmmm… have you taught her your tricks?????

  3. Oh Roxy, when will Torrey learn that you are the Queen! Love the way you turn your lip up. You sure can give her a “look”! LOL!

  4. Our new pup , “Olly”has taken over the cat’s toys! Olly, short for Olivia, is staying outside a lot more each day. She loves the yard and loves to dig holes in the yard. She is learning leash walking and fetch. I think she will be a great dog for our family. Tommrrow she gets fixed and stays over night at the vets. She knows her name the first owners gave her; but I would really like to change it without much confusion. We could call her “Molly” I think the sound would be close enough; what do you think?

  5. Roxy there is COMPLETE mischief written all over your face!!! OMD! Look at you!

    Poor Torrey! Having you come in and “swoop” on that rawhide chew!

    Dakota saw the size of that chew and he said “WOW!!!”

    We sure hope that you like it and are thrilled that you won!

  6. A dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do!! BOL! We love that last picture. You look like you’re saying “What?!?!?!” LOL. We hope you had a wonderful Easter and a fabulous Monday. ~Weinerful Gang~