It was bound to happen

It was bound to happen, mom knew it would eventually

Mom knew it was bound to happen, she’s been waiting for it for a few weeks actually. It’s that time of year, and we came to warmer weather a few weeks ago. While we were in St. George, she waited, and watched. Nothing. Then we arrived in Lake Havasu on Thursday, and well, it began. Then it REALLY began. Yep, Torrey is blowing her coat. 
It was bound to happen
Mom says I started it all. She noticed I was shedding a lot when we were in St. George. She gave me a bath in Auntie Shannon’s sink and little old me shed enough hair, to make another me. Torrey won’t be able to have a bath, so mom has been brushing her really good.
 It was bound to happen
 This is just a small amount of hair. Since we are out in the middle of nowhere, mom doesn’t worry about picking up all the hair. There is quite a bit that flies away with the wind.  
 It was bound to happen, dog shedding
 Mischief on Torrey today. Hopefully Miss Hairball, will just get it over with soon. 
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