Flea treatment for dogs

It is true that more than three quarters of a flea’s life is spent elsewhere away from the pet’s body. However, it is heavily important not just to keep a clean environment for your animal, but also to apply flea treatment regularly. There are three brands that stand out from the crowd when it comes to dog flea treatments you can trust.

Frontline is probably one of the best known treatments for a good reason; it works. It is classed in dog size for small dogs weighing from two to ten kilograms, medium dogs weighing from ten to twenty kilograms, large dogs weighing from twenty to forty kilograms and extra-large dogs weighing from forty to sixty kilograms. Frontline controls lice within 48 hours, ticks up to a month and ultimately, fleas for approximately two months. It is mainly heralded as a flea treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis which is the most common skin disease found in dogs and is brought on by an allergic reaction to chemicals in the flea saliva. Frontline combats this with a topical application to be used in a minimum four week interval and it can be bought in packs of three of six pipettes.

Another company providing topical flea treatment for dogs application is becoming more and more popular. Advantage also use dog size to class their product with Advantage for Small Dogs providing prevention for dogs weighing under four kilograms, Advantage 100 for dogs weighing between four and ten kilograms, Advantage 250 for dogs weighing between ten and twenty-five kilograms and Advantage 400 for dogs weighing between twenty-five and forty kilograms. Each contain the same three guarantees; that Advantage stops biting fleas in three to five minutes, it starts to kill adult fleas within an hour after application and within twelve hours, 98 to 100 percent of fleas are dead.

Finally, with the same weight classification as Frontline, Effipro Spot On is recognized to produce a formula that kills fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Their exclusive pipette is different from any other currently on the market, ensuring the leak-free design helps you avoid getting any liquid on your fingers when opening the applicator. Until it is squeezed, no liquid will escape from the pipette meaning your dog gets the whole dose.

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  1. I have never had a flea problem in Utah. My Mom uses these products in Ca. for her pets. They do work well

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