FitDog Friday

Fitdog Friday – Nice morning hike

So everyone knows we are in Jackson Hole right now at the rendezvous. Mom is here selling her beadwork and stuff. The weather has been kinda cool and rainy, until Tuesday when it finally cleared up. We have walked in the evening, and then yesterday mom decided we would go for a nice morning hike. We couldn’t be gone too long because we need to open at 9:30.
We are right next to Snow King mountain, and mom knows there are trails all over the mountain from when she stayed here before. So we walked down to the trail head, and went up the mountain. It was so nice to be able to run off leash, and enjoy the trail through the forest. 
FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole
 FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole
 We saw some great wild flowers too. Some that we have never seen before. 
FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole,wild flowers
FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole,wild flowers
 We met a couple of dogs on the trail, but mostly we had it all to ourselves.
FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole
FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole
 We got an excellent work out, and I hope we go again. Mom wants to get better pictures of the flowers, so I am sure we will go up there soon. 
FitDog Friday, hiking in Jackson hole
 Today is the Fitdog Friday blog hop. Join in the hop, and lets all be fit with the dogs.


FitDog Friday — 25 Comments

  1. How fun! We love to walk and especially in new places or places we haven’t been in a while! Great flowers too.

  2. Your living a great live. Happy Trails and tales. I heard yesterday that what ruins a good story is an eye witness. With you guys you are the eye witness because your doing it and have the blog and pictures to prove it. You need to have an illustrated book next Mary called Roxy the Traveling dog.

  3. Great shots of everything! The flower shots are beautiful! I just love Roxy and Torrey – they are so adorable! What a perfect place to walk – wish you were able to have more walking time. Good luck on your sales!

  4. Bet it felt great to get out for a good run after the rain…That looks like a fine trail to explore…Not sure what those flowers are but they’re lovely

  5. What a great adventure guys… I don’t think I’ve ever seen wildflowers like those before either. They sure are pretty!

  6. Nothing like a morning hike to start off the day! That looked like a very nice one, peaceful and pretty with those flowers to see. And of course, a great workout too! Hope you get to go again soon.

  7. Me and my dog go on many mini adventures outdoors. After I retired and had a lot of time on my hands if it wasn’t for her, I would probably lay around all day instead of getting fresh air and exercise.

  8. That landscape looks very much like central Washington (Leavenworth, etc.) Glad you got away for a little jaunt.