Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Our art show schedule

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Our art show schedule

I thought for Artsy Fartsy today, I would let everyone know where we will be this summer. If you are in any of these areas, we would love to meet you and say hi. And, I also have pictures of some of the latest creations from mom and dad. Mom has been making more beaded leather cuffs. She sold some last week, and is worried about not having enough. So she has been trying to bead as much as possible. 
arstsy fartsy tuesday,beaded leather cuffs,bracelets
 Mom will also have all her trade bead jewelry at the art shows.
arstsy fartsy tuesday,trade beads,jewelry
 Dad made these boxes that are covered with cow hide. Mom thinks they are….ummmm….different. But dad insists someone will think they are awesome. And he’s probably right.
arstsy fartsy tuesday,cowhide box
cow hide boxes
 This is only a little bit of all the stuff we will be showing. If you want to see more of the things we will have, check out Desert Raven Art, it’s all there. Or better yet, come and visit us if you can.
Jackson Hole rendezvous – May 17 – 27 
Port Neuf rendezvous – McCammon, Idaho May 31st – June 2nd 
Camp Henry rendezvous – Near Ashton, Idaho June 5th – 9th
Art and antiques – Sun Valley, Idaho  July 5,6,7
Art and antiques – Teton village, Jackson Hole, Wy. July 12, 13, 14
Art and antiques – Teton village, Jackson Hole, Wy. Aug. 16, 17, 18 
Jackson Hole art festival – Sept. 5 – 15. Dad will be in the gallery sculpting part of these two weeks.
We hope we can see some of you this summer!!


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  1. You do such cute work and I could see the trunk boxes selling well in Texas too! I wish I lived near you so I could go see your stuff and try to find you some buyers with money unlike yours truly. I wish you both TONS of success and hope you run out of everything and have to have a waiting list of orders a year long…heck…more than that!
    PS I never fail to hit post comment and then I get the whole “Confirm you are not a spammer” and every day I promise myself ha, I’m gonna tell her how I laugh about that every day and how you’d think ONE time that I’d remember! Well, no sense in breaking my track record today right?! :) Have a beautiful today!

  2. Wow, there is a lot of work in all those beautiful items. Mom would be afraid of the cow hide trunk because one of the cats might wreck it but she could see it looking great in the right spot!

  3. Those trade beads are GORGEOUS!

    And I think the cow skin boxes are super cool. You would need the right decor to pull them off, but if you’ve got it, they would be a stunning accent!

  4. A busy and exciting schedule. Love all your creations and “yes” I can see that the chests would be super cool and interesting in someone’s home. Keep beading!

  5. wow you are so talented! Those cuffs are gorgeous, and I could see so many cowboys wanting that cow skinned box! Glad you are getting so many sales, though not surprised!

  6. Roxy, your human is very talented. The beaded cuffs are so cute! Unfortunately, we live in Canada, but would love to have visited your booth at one of those events. Best of luck!