Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – The multi purpose purse

I made the perfect multi purpose purse

This purse was originally born out of the idea to have a cute little bag to carry while walking the dogs. You know, for treats, poop bags, (empty and full) my phone, which really is my camera, and keys. I had some nice wool fabric that I thought paired with some leather trim would make a great little bag. There is a pocket on the inside to carry your phone/camera. But why stop at just a dog walking bag? This is a nice, little, light weight purse too. I have loved carrying this purse on walks, and everywhere. I made my bag, loved it, then made some more to sell. My friend promptly swooped in and bought one for herself, and three as gifts. So I made more.
Multi purpose pursemulti purpose purse, wool, bag
 I am way better behind the camera, than in front. LOL
 I have a very limited amount of this particular wool fabric, but I am on the hunt for more that would be cute.  I like the weight and strength of the wool. Somebody told me it’s vintage Pendleton wool fabric. I don’t know for sure though. Vintage, yes…..Pendleton,?????
The bags are 10″ x 10 1/2″ with a 46″ strap. If you would like a shorter strap, I can adjust it before shipping. The price on the bags pictured here is $30 plus $5 for shipping to the US. If you are outside the US, contact me about shipping costs. Email me, if you are interested in any of these bags. The two that are red and turquoise, are the only ones I have.
Multi purpose purseMulti purpose purse
 Multi purpose purseMulti purpose purse
 I do have some other bags in the works right now that will be canvas with the leather trim. 
And, check out the new Roxy Boutique, where I have these bags, and other fun stuff for dogs and their people. 
Roxy's Boutique


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