Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Kareen Ramsey

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Kareen Ramsey

First I have to announce that Rumpy T. Drummond was the winner of the front seat protector from AutoAnything. I am sure they will put it to good use. Yeah!!

Has everyone met Flea, over at Jones Natural Chews-Dog treat web? She has been a follower of my blog for a long time and also writes a very entertaining blog herself. She sent me an email telling me about her mom, and how she would be perfect for Artsy Fartsy Tuesday. I went to see for myself, and had to agree. Kareen, does wonderful realistic portraits, with colored pencil. I have said this before with other pencil artists, but I can’t imagine getting the color and detail into a drawing that Kareen does.
Artsy Fartsy Tuesday, pencil artist, 
Artsy Fartsy Tuesday,pencil artist
 Kareen sent me some info about herself and her art.
 Growing up in Louisiana in a home steeped in Southern plantation culture, then moving to the Louisiana coast for 33 years pleasantly enveloped in Cajun culture, made for a mellow approach to life. When I was little, I sat for hours with my coloring books and colors. At that time, I didn’t know I had ADD.  I just knew that coloring was something I could focus on, sit still, and receive satisfaction from something well done.Because nothing was known about ADD back then, I was just known as the “spacey, naïve” one.  My mother, being an artist, encouraged me in the gentle arts of painting, sewing, and needle work.  Maybe it was just to have more peace in the house (a very active big brother and two little sisters).To the Hunt 300dpiI attended Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio, Texas, majoring in Fine Arts for 3 1/2 years.  Then, after marriage, two children, divorce, and remarriage, I attended Northwestern State University in Louisiana for my degree in Advertising Design.  Then came two more children, dogs, cats, birds, and wall to wall carpeting.  So, acrylics and oils were supplanted by watercolors and colored pencils. Living in South Louisiana – about 65 miles from the nearest stop light – near the mouth of the Mississippi River was a blessing.  We could drive along the road and take pictures of pelicans, gulls, herons, and a multitude of wading and shore birds right from the car window.  My creative outlets at that time were quilting, cake decorating, baking, and the occasional local business graphic commission.Artsy Fartsy tuesday  Squeaks

Then, along came Hurricane Katrina.  It took away my husband, home, pets, etc.  So, I moved to Oklahoma to be near the two oldest children and six grand children.  This is a lovely state.  Not too much culture shock here.  The people are delightful. So, my art is in flux, as art should be always. Now that I am on my own (but, with an excellent support system from the kids and grand kids), I am able to use my talents for the benefit of a wider base.  This had always been my dream.

Color and light have always fascinated me.  I love to bring out subtle yet rich colors using the translucent layers of watercolor and/or colored pencil.  There is a smoothness and a soft sheen so reminiscent of oil paints without the mess or smell.

SydAar   Lily

There has since the age of three been a fascination for me with portraits.  The personality and very soul (Divine spark) can be seen in a face.  There is so much more there than in inanimate objects.  I am naturally fascinated with the many facets offered by the human/animal face.  People watching has always been my hobby. Body language intrigues me.  Personality and attitude are written on the face and in the stance.  So, portraiture is my passion.  It is satisfaction to my soul to bring out the very heart and soul of the person (or pet) through their portrait.  Even more a joy is the way it touches those who receive it.  What a privilege it is to preserve for posterity some ones loved one, especially when the only reference they have is a small snapshot.

Perhaps, because we are created in God’s (the Great Creator’s) image, there is a real satisfaction and pleasure when creating anything artistic.  It is a privilege to preserve a moment of immortality for someone, be it for his/herself or a loved one.

More of Kareen’s work can be seen on her website. She is also available for custom portraits.



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  1. If you hadn’t said they were pencil, I’d never have thought it. You’re right, to get that type of detail and clarity is fantastic. Some people are just so incredibly talented.

  2. Good job, Rumpy! Use that seat cover to get yourself out on more car rides! I know Flea. Wow, her mom does some great work, I had no idea!

  3. I know what you mean about having ADD and being an Artist. What a colorful life you have had. Good luck with your rich talent in the future. I’d say your extremely talented. The details about your life show in the detail in your art. I would love to meet you.

  4. We know Flea – she’s awesome! And, wow, her mom is a great artist! I’m amazed those are done with pencil. What a story she has too. Sounds like Flea has a very strong, talented mom!

  5. Oh my, these are such lovely drawings. Look at all the detail! Thanks for telling us about Miss Kareen. We will go check her out!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  6. Absolutely gorgeous work! She really brings out the personalities in her portraits. A plesure to see!

  7. Well sugar. I was sidelined by my boy’s broken hand and completely forgot about this. Wow.I love my mom’s artwork. :) It’s hanging all over my house. The squirrel in my dining room is one of my favorites. :)

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  9. I am particularly envious of the people portraits. I can draw people. They look like people when I am done drawing them. But they don’t look like the people I intended to draw! Great job Kareen!!!

  10. Mary and Roxy,
    Thank you so much for featuring me Tuesday. And thank you to your readers for such nice comments on my work. I would have replied earlier, but, my 2yr. old grand son has kept me rather busy with cars, trains, and tractors all throughout the house. He’s napping now, so good chance to catch up on the computer.
    Hope you all have a happy and blessed Easter.