Artsy Fartsy Tuesday- Beading with friends

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday- Beading with friends

I’m sure I mentioned that we are traveling with our friends, Mike and Shannon. I love Auntie Shannon and Uncle Mike, and they think Torrey and I are just wonderful. They had a great dog that passed over the rainbow bridge a couple years ago, so we are kinda like family to them. Shannon and mom both have this, THING, for beads. Any kind of beads, but the old antique beads are their favorite. Shannon has also done a lot of beadwork in the past few years, making some very beautiful pieces. About 6 months ago she started having weird and failing eyesight in one eye. The doctors may or may not be ale to help. Ever since then, she hasn’t been able to bead because she couldn’t see the little beads. She has been pretty sad about it all. So on this trip, mom taught her how to make the Roxy Doggie necklace, because they are made with bigger beads. Auntie Shannon has been thrilled to be able to bead again. 
Roxy Doggie necklace
Roxy Doggie necklace
 In fact, if you go to my beadwork for dogs page, you will find three Roxy Doggie necklace’s that she did, and we have them for sale. Of course I had to help the afternoon they were beading. 
Beading with friends
Beading with friends
 She also made a couple bracelets for herself.
Beading with friends Beading with friends
Meanwhile, mom was working an a couple of beaded leather cuff’s. 
Beading with friends, beaded cuffs
 It’s been fun for everyone to have a beading partner, and to be able to create some new and great things.
And speaking of the Roxy Doggie necklace…..did you enter the giveaway? It ends on Friday ya’ know. 


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  2. Roxy it’s great that your Mom has found a way to help your Auntie Shannon keep beading…Her designs are lovely…I really like the green one she made for herself…And I know it’s bringing her great pleasure to be able to keep working at a hobby she loves

  3. what fun to travel with such wonderful people Roxy. More people to love you and Torrey. Ollie and Reggie sure miss you and so do Mike and I and especially Mia. It looks like Shannon has enjoyed making the beaded doggie collars and does a great job. I went to n art antique fair in town the other day and bought some old tin art. Way cool. Its still cold here and lots of awful air to breath. Our friends have a seven year old lab mix dog and a shiztsu. The lab chews everything! I hope ollie outgrows this problem. They have lots of antlers to chew on so maybe this will help Ollie urge to chew. I keep getting her toys to play with and in seconds they are gone!

  4. It’s so fun to travel with family. Looks like you are very content Roxy. What beautiful bead work.

  5. All of their beading is just beautiful! I checked out the beading page because I was wondering if you sell any of those bracelets that Miss Shannon made, maybe I just missed them?

  6. Roxy, how nice that Auntie Shannon can still do some of her beautiful beading…I’m sure you are helping her too. Her designs are just lovely.