And, we’re out of here

Tomorrow we are leaving for one of my very favorite things, Mountain Man Rendezvous. We’re going several days early so we can help set up the site. Well, mom and dad will do the work, Torrey and I are just going to hang out. I am so excited to see my rendezvous friends. We are also going to go camping in the desert because there are two rendezvous’ a week apart. So we’ll just chill for a week, and then go to the next rendezvous to play some more. 
If your new here and want to see what we do at rendezvous, go to the Mountain Man Rendezvous page. 
We have a great time, hopefully Torrey will be more comfortable with it all this year.
I will try to post updates as much as I can.
Follow us on instagram @desertravenart there will be lots of updating going on there.
It’s all about the fun!!  WOOF !!


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