A great and unusual Saturday

A great and unusual Saturday in the desert

Saturday, we all piled in the truck and went to Parker, AZ. It’s only about 20 miles away from where we are parked at the moment. We went to a small swap meet there, then went for a nice drive. The swap meet was fun, tons of dogs there. Torrey wasn’t sure what to do, with all the dogs and people around. She finally figured out it was OK. Me, I was just there to see everyone. Or were they there to see me?? I ended up riding in my back pack, mom was worried I would get walked on.

A great and unusual SaturdayA great and unusual Saturday

Then we drove down the road, and you will never believe what we saw. Wild Burros.

A great and unusual Saturday
 Yep, just walking down the road. Mom of course had to have a picture, while Torrey and I freaked out and barked at them. 
A great and unusual Saturday
 So they walked right up to the truck. I think they wanted food, or maybe they just wanted a closer look at us too.
A great and unusual Saturday
 We left the burros and went down a dirt road that goes into a bird refuge. Now you have to understand where we are. The Colorado river and Lake Havavsu are right here, but it’s pretty brown and rocky 2 inches from the river, and beyond. But there is a another small river that is surrounded by very thick trees and bushes.
A great and unusual Saturday   A great and unusual Saturday
 It really is an oasis in the desert. We went for a nice little walk down the path through the trees. It was so thick, if there wasn’t a path, we couldn’t have walked at all. 
A great and unusual Saturday
 It was a great and unusual Saturday, and I think those burros were full of mischief. Today is the Monday Mischief blog hop. It’s all about the fun!!


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  1. Iv’e seen many burrows while we were at Lake Mead. We also saw longhorn sheep fighting up on the rocks while we were on my cousin’s houseboat. Mike told me that the burrows were brought in to do mining long ago and were left there when they were finished with them. I am so glad your having fun. As for us we are freezing! I am up in the middle of the night writing this because I let the chilly dogs in to warm up. Now they are hot dogs and want to go out. Its below zero! Tell me what Mom bought at the swap meet and Where will she put it?

  2. Roxy that is a great walk…You look so snug and comfy in your pack…I know what you mean about getting stepped on…It’s happened to me at some crowded events we’ve been to…That trail you are on looks so inviting…Just the kind of place I’d love to run Happy Monday to you all!

  3. Wild burros!! How cool is that? They looked like they were quite docile and friendly. What wonderful new friends to make! You get to hike in the most glorious and interesting areas!

  4. Wow what a fun adventure! I love traveling the way you guys are, you never know what you’ll discover next. Those burros sure were a fun surprise! You look adorable in that backpack, Roxy! :D

  5. What an adventure Roxy. You see the most interesting things along your travels. Thanks for taking us with you.

  6. Hey Roxy,Hey Torrey, Jet here. Hi Miss Mary.

    What a pawesome adventure… Love your personalized backpack! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful day with story and pictures. :)

  7. Those burros are awesome! You and Torrey are so lucky to get to go to so many pretty places! And we like your backpack! Wish we could fit into one of those!

  8. You guys get to go on some awesome adventures!!

    I think you’re right, I could see a glint of mischief in that burros eye – I wonder what they were up to?

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Roxy – you are totally adorable. I found your blog through Coccolino the mini pet pig and then Misaki. Travelling around in that back pack looks like loads of fun. I think my person wouldn’t mind doing that with me sometimes but I’m too lively to stay still for long. How do you like being in there?

  10. I think it looks like a beautiful area, but I would have been worried about snakes. Do you (or your mom) worry about that?