A call for help to stop the dog chewing

Monday Mischief and a call for help to stop the dog chewing

Since Torrey and I never, ever, get into mischief…pfffft. We thought we would take today’s post to put out a call for help for our friend, Ollie. Ollie is one of the dogs that live close by, that Torrey gets to have play dates with. When Ollies mom got her, she was told she was pure bred mini Aussie, like Torrey. Well, that’s not the truth. She has really long legs, and she must have some border collie in her. She is a smart, and sweet dog…..except she chews….everything. No exaggeration, everything.
I am going to let Ollie tell you her story, and if anyone has any ideas that would help, please post them in the comments. Her mom is very exasperated. 
Monday Mischief a call for help
Hi…I’m Ollie, and I’m a chewaholic.
I don’t know why I chew everything up, I just do. My mom gave me all the right teaching when I was a pup, I just turned one. She would stop me from chewing on the no-no stuff, and give me a toy that was OK for chewing. It didn’t matter, it still doesn’t matter. I chewed up the blankets in my bed, the rug in the house, the rail on the porch, my harness, Reggies collar, anything. If mom gives me chew toys, I either won’t touch them, or if I can, I will shred them all to bits. I have a brother to play with, and people who love me and give me so much attention. But still, I chew. Lately I have been trying to dig to China in the backyard. Dad is not really thrilled about that I know. 
Monday mischief a call for help from Ollie
I like it when Torrey comes over to play, we have a great time in my big backyard.
Ollie Reggie and Torrey
Here are all three of us getting a treat.
I know that mom is so frustrated with my chewing up EVERYTHING. But I can’t seem to stop. Please help me to be a better dog. I know that mom will never ever get rid of me, but I want her to be happy too. Thanks in advance for any advice you care to give. 
Today is the Monday Mischief blog hop. It’s all about the fun!!


A call for help to stop the dog chewing — 18 Comments

  1. That is a tough one Ollie! Freddie used to (okay occasionally still does) chew up everything. We actually got Gloria to help keep Freddie busy but we also keep lots of bullysticks and large bones around to wear him out when he gets in those moods. He has only started getting better since he turned two. Sorry, we’re not too much help but hang in there it will get better as you get older. Good luck!

  2. The poofer collar sounds good but she would chew it off at the first poof. Ollie minds at all commands. Doesn’t bother our chickens and is good riding in the car which is one place she never chews up anything. I recently bought a frisby. I showed it to my grand daughter who took one look at it and said, ” What were you thinking Grandma?;” that will last ten seconds!” I just keep it in the house when not in use. Thanks for the helpful comments; and thanks Roxy for the great helpful post.

  3. Sorry I don’t have any useful tips. I know you can get anti-chew sprays but you’d likely have to spray everywhere.
    Hope you figure something out!

  4. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here. Hi Miss Mary.

    Dear Ollie, Jet here.

    I was a chewaholic when I joined the family. I’m a flat coat/border collie mix, we think. I was pretty nervous (still am…) Mom said it took about 3 years for me to calm down. She found antlers (deer), hooves and marrow bones the most helpful items to curtail my destructive chewing. Now, Little Miss Chewminator takes my antlers, however, she knows not to mess with my hooves and bones!

  5. Chewing is a tough one. I don’t have anything else to offer that others haven’t already, sorry! Hope your friend can find a way:)

  6. Woof! Woof! My mom is thankful that I am not chewer just a begger for a tasty treat. Many says need to find “something” (what something???) that your dog likes so much to stop chewing. A tough one. Happy MM. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. If she’s part Border Collie, maybe she needs to herd or try herding. I know Border Collies have a ton of nervous energy and are working dogs that need to work. Can you give her job to do? Maybe something that helps both of you out? That’s about as much as I know, you may want to contact a trainer to help you.

    Huskies can be the same way. They need a job to do or they can become destructive. Hope that helps and good luck.

  8. Chewing is major mischief. Mom’s get very frustrated with nice things being chewed up. I was a chewaholic, but I kinda grew out of it when I turned 2. Maybe that gives mom some comfort. I’m a Aussie and I love to herd to. Running helped me with my nervous energy.

  9. Gosh I’ve never had to deal with that problem so I’m not a good source, but I have always heard that Border Collies had to work or they’d be bored and destructive so maybe a job…as in training in something like herding or agility that would use a lot of energy…would help

  10. Hi Ollie. You sure are a cutie. We think you need more exercise or a job to do. We find our bad behavior is much less once we are exhausted, (like after training). Storm was a chewer deluxe. She chewed everything. When we could not supervise, she was crated, no bed no blankets. She really loved the black bone shaped kongs. We gave them to her to chew a bit after she ate and that helped. Now we have Freighter and he is a bigger chewer than Storm. Again, crated when we cannot watch him. No blanket, no bed. We get him antlers because he can chew up even black kongs. We give them to him a bit each day just to take the chewing edge off.

  11. I don’t have any chewer help I’m afraid (Rita’s not a destructo-chewer luckily) but I will say she loves her antlers! And they make her teeth super white! Good luck!

    (So funny – I just saw your comment on my blog pop up in my email while I was reading your blog. We’re psychically reading each others’ blogs at the same time!)

  12. Hey Roxy,

    It’s great to meet your’s and Torrey’s buddy Ollie, shame he’s having some chewing issues…. not sure if will help, but as a fellow herding dog this is what Mum did with me and I never really chew anything I’m not supposed to….

    She runs with me every morning to try and wear me out – she put bitter apple spray on some things when I was a pup, I didn’t like that taste and now if I won’t settle she wedges carrots into the ends of my white bone and it takes me forever to try and get them out, by which time I have to fall asleep – it’s tough work!!

    Good luck buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  13. Wow, sorry, no tips here! I guess you just like to chew! I like to chew on things…usually myself… D’oh! I hope that you get to figure something out really soon!


  14. Because Ollie is chewing EVERYTHING I don’t have advice. Bitter apple sometimes works but you can’t spray in on everything :) What I CAN suggest is to look into Lupine harnesses and leashes. They have a lifetime guarantee even if your dog chews them. Gretel is on her third one.